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10 Amazing Sights To See On Arizona's Verde Canyon Railroad

Connecting Clarkdale to Perkinsville, Arizona's Verde Canyon Railroad, is a stunning four-hour train ride.

The Grand Canyon is one of the best World Heritage Sites in the US. The Grand Canyon is a sight, from the bright red stones to the dramatic cliffs. However, the world-famous canyon often overshadows the Verde Canyons, referred to as the state's "other grand canyon." Overlooking the Verde River, the Verde Canyon Railroad is an exhibit of Arizona's lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Situated among massive, towering red stones, this train ride is worth its four-hour journey. Connecting Clarkdale to Perkinsville, this savory commute offers unparalleled views of Arizona's high desert, plus much more!

Regarded as Arizona's other "Grand Canyon," the Verde Canyon is as equally rugged. Free of commercial and residential development, commuters riding the railroad can view the expansive landscape for miles on end, teeming with lush vegetation. Enjoy the view from the comfort of one's seat or shift to the open-air viewing cart to feel the wind as the train travels fairly steadily: at only 12 mph!

Commuters traveling along the Verde Canyon Railway will get a glimpse of the Verde River, one of Arizona's remaining year-round river systems. Flowing for 192 miles, the green waters of the Verde River support a host of nearby flora and fauna, nestled among the state's dramatic mountains and desert valleys.

The journey on the Verde Canyon Railway collides with two of Arizona's stunning forests, one of them being the Prescott National Forest. Situated in Prescott, this massive forest is home to an array of wildlife and vegetation, including juniper trees and ponderosa pine.

Located in Flagstaff, near the Prescott National Forest, the railroad touches the Coconino National Forest, a picturesque forest spanning nearly two million acres. Home to a diverse collection of vegetation, this Arizona forest is home to many landscapes, from the dry flatlands to the chilling alpine tundra. Combined with the Prescott National Forest, the Coconino Forest makes for a scenic train ride!

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